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Spoofing & spam protection with DMARC

A DMARC Record, also known as Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance, is the next step in protecting your email traffic. It can greatly reduce mail abuse, such as spoofing attacks.
It builds on the well-known and proven mechanisms SPF and DKIM and corrects their weak points.
One of the weak points of the SPF is that it is difficult to get feedback on your e-mail traffic. The DMARC's aggregate and forensic reports now provide an overview and make it easier to identify problems or weaknesses.
By merging SPF and DKIM, increased security can be achieved. With a DMARC, you can also determine whether potentially unauthorized emails are still delivered as spam or even discarded entirely.
Implementing a DMARC is quite simple. With our generator you can easily and clearly create a DMARC record and then enter it in the DNS zone of the domain.